Sunday, 27 October 2013

Session Two : Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why some children cannot count ?
  • he/she is not able to classify 
  • he/ she is not able to do rote counting
  • he /she is not able to do one to one correspondence
  • he/she does not appreciate the last number represent the size of an object                              

Count down by 1 or 2. Get to zero!

My group started with 20 beans and in pair we took turn to reduce the number by one or two. As I was playing this game, I realized that it requires the player to count and think ahead of the other partner and strategically reducing the numbers so that last one or two beans will remain till your turn. After several tries, I discovered Rufi's secret to her many winnings which led to my discovery of the bad numbers which is 3,6 and 9. She has strategically reducing the number of beans, leaving her opponent with the bad numbers!! Clever moves indeed!!


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